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Agta Aid 

In 2014, after playing with the Agta kids for the first time and listen to the Agta traditional stories, Philip Schlaepfer (6 years old) became fascinated by their world. Back in England, Philip and a group of school friends decided to organise talks and fundraising campaigns to provide books and school material for the Agta kids. Many successful actions were done by them, always finding a great support of their school and teachers. They implemented a library in San Isidro Elementary School, and shared the amazing Agta lifestyle with different schools and NGOs in England and Brazil. Some of the stories of the Agta Book were collected and translated by Agta Aid team!

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Hunter-gatherers Resilience, studied hunter-gatherers in the Philippines (Agta), Congo (Mbendjele), Malaysia(Batek), Thailand (Maniq) and the Philippines (Agta), using behavioural ecology, life history theory, theories of cooperation, cultural transmission and genetics to explore how variation in life history traits, kin selection, mate systems, cooperative behaviour, differentially contribute to hunter-gatherer resilience in the past, present and future. Some of the scientists who worked on this project contributed for the Agta Book, sharing an overview of their experience and scientific research. 

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Hunter-Gatherers Resilience Project (Video report) 


12:30 minutes


This video is about a workshop in Cornwall (2014) with PhD students returning from a year of fieldwork with different hunter-gatherers groups. We used this time to analyse cross-culture data and develop collaborative papers. In the video the PhD students talk about their experiences, and field results. 

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