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HEE CARBON FREE: This programme aims to neutralise the Carbon emissions of the expeditions of the HEE group members, through the plantation of 2500 native trees every year in Sierra Madre region, Philippines. HEE, and NCIP (National Committee for Indigenous Peoples), organised an Association of Agta people to coordinate the planting activities. ISU (Isabela State University) and HEE is building a new tree nursery with the capacity of 20.000 seedlings to supply this programme. PNU (Philippines Normal University) is organising related courses for capacitating the Agta for the programme management in their own language. Further information: here

ISU-CACAO GATHERING: This programme aims to safeguard the land of the Agta people in Palanan reinforcing their rights over that land using Agroforest practices. Currently the forests of Sierra Madre are being invaded by rice farmers justified by the "lack" of use of those land, compromising the zoning plan for the Agta Ancestor Domain process. Once the Agta plant cacao inside those forests, they change the status of that land, avoiding the expansion of rice farming. ISU is giving all the technical support for planting, cropping and processing the cacao seeds for the Agta Association. Further information: here  

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